Owensboro Family Photographer

Here is another fun, family session I had in the fall……Heather, Gavin and the bulldogs; Booker and Lola.

 We went to Heather’s Grandpa’s farm and made use of some old barns. 

We included Gavin’s special blanket in a few images, here he’s pretending to be superman, flying with his blanket…er…I mean ….cape.

and then it was off to the carnival…..Gavin got his tickets,

 and had a blast on the slide as well as a few other rides.

to check out all of Heather and Gavin’s fun click here to see their slideshow.

Owensboro Family Photographer

Back in September I ran a family portrait contest, where the winner would receive a portrait session plus 25 Christmas cards.  Angie Wathen was the winner, and she had the perfect idea that would fit her family not to mention all the facebook votes.  This was Angie’s idea:

“The location would be my parents farm. We could make pictures by the lake of us just having fun. Us riding on the ranger in the the woods. Would love pictures of us in the woods. There is also some old barns on the property. Mom and Dad’s porch would make wonderful pictures, and there fountain area in the front. There is so many places on there farm that would be great for making outside family pictures.”
A quick side note I have to tell you, most of the time the men do not like having to be in portraits but I do have the answer to remedy that problem ladies!  Are you ready for the answer?  Involve them in the whole process.  Take some time to talk together as a family, talk about what you enjoy doing the most together, and where.  Include the kids too, they will tell you when they have the most fun.  Once you figure out your favorite family activity and location, the rest is easy.  The guys and kids are more comfortable in front of the camera when they are in a place that is comfortable to them.  Just ask Angie’s husband, Frank.  He’d tell you  he was pretty apprehensive about having to have family portraits made, but after a couple of minutes of driving around the farm and taking pictures, he was having fun, the whole family was having fun.  
I did Angie’s family session at the end of October and I think we pretty much photographed every idea Angie had, plus some.
If you’d like to see more images you can check out the facebook album here.
Oh and her Christmas cards were pretty cool by the way, she was the envy of all her friends for having the coolest cards. ;0)

Fall Portraits

Thank you to my wonderful clients waiting so patiently for their images to show up on the blog and facebook.
Full blog posts and more to come soon, I am totally swamped and I now see why some places are creating a job position just to manage their social media networking.  Here’s just a sneak peek of what I’ve been up too.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Gift certificate sale.

Happy Thanksgiving.  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday spent with family and friends. 

Well tomorrow is that crazy shopping day of the year.  What type of product are you willing to stand in line for hours on end to get?  For me, quite honestly it would have to be some kind of insane sale on Canon pro cameras or L series lenses. 

Stigman Photography is having a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale.   Buy $100 gift certificate and we’ll give you an extra $50.  That’s right……for $100 you will get $150 gift certificate.  No need to wake up before dawn or stand in line for hours to get in on this sale.  All you have to do is call me or go online to purchase your gift certificate.  To purchase online go to www.stigmanphotography.com  click on the “clients” section and enter in bf as the password.   Or  call me at 270-925-9311 to purchase your gift certificate.  Gift certificates will be mailed to you.    Gift certificates may be used for portrait sessions, prints, albums and portrait products.  ***Restrictions- these gift certificates may not be used for orders already placed or in process. 

Photography is a great gift to give to someone, you are giving them a gift of preserved memories of their loved ones.  Make sure you put Stigman Photography on your shopping list, this special sale ends Nov. 29th.   HAPPY SHOPPING!

We have a winner!

After my week long family portrait contest, we have a winner.  Congratulations to Angie Wathen who won a family portrait session along with 25 press printed Christmas cards.  Here was Angie’s idea for her session:

“The location would be my parents farm. We could make picture by the lake of us just having fun. Us riding on the ranger in the the woods. Would love pictures of us in the woods. There is also some old barns on the property. Mom and Dad’s porch would make wonderful pictures, and there fountain area in the front. There is so many places on there farm that would be great for making outside family pictures.”
I’m looking forward to your session Angie.  Thank you to everyone who participated and who voted for their favorite session idea. Everyone who posted had great ideas, I would love to see you put those into action.  Watch for Angie’s session on the blog in the next 2 months!

Family Portrait Session Giveaway!

Alright, fall is here…..I think……..well soon anyway.  Fall is the perfect time to have your family portraits made.  SO…..I figured I would have a fun contest and give away a family portrait session and 25 press printed Christmas Cards with images from your session.  Let me warn you, you will be the envy of all your friends when they receive those cards in the mail come December.  I can make some pretty rad cards…….jus’ saying. :0P 

Here’s some info about me; I shoot only on location, I do a little bit of posing and direction but I also capture families interacting with each other and having fun. I want to see my clients have family portraits that show the bond you have with one another, at a location that means something to you, doing an activity that you enjoy as a family.  That may be as simple as playing baseball together, or going out for ice cream. It could also be about your family’s style…..do you like vintage cars or clothes,  are you into fashion, are you a little bit country? Whatever it is, I want it to be about your family.

This is how to enter the contest……..it’s just 3 things and it’s really simple.
1. Be a “fan” or “like” Stigman Photography on Facebook (click here)

2. You must post your most creative idea for your family portrait session on the Stigman Photography Facebook page.  Now this idea has to be something you are willing to do, because if you win that’s exactly what we are going to do for your session.  So if you don’t like getting muddy on a 4 wheeler, don’t post that idea for your session.  If you want to go to a tropical island somewhere for your session, I’m cool with that, you just have to pay for the trip and mine. :0)  I’m willing to travel up to 60 miles outside the Owensboro area for this session so keep that in mind when thinking about what you want to do.

3. Get everyone you know to “like” your session idea……that’s how you’re gonna win.  The family with the most “likes” under their post is the winner.  The best way to do that is post it on your FB status . You can post something like “please help us win a family portrait session by “liking” our session idea, just click here and give us the thumbs up on our post”.  Contest ends Friday, September 10th at 8am.  I will count all the “likes” at 8am and announce the winner that day.

The fine print……you are winning a family portrait session and 25 press printed cards, a value of $270. Not redeemable for cash.   This session will need to take place by the end of October 2010.  You can enter to win if you live out of state, but you would need to travel to the Owensboro, KY area, or you can always fly me to where you live :0)

Here’s a few images just to get those creative minds thinking outside of the traditional photography box.

What are you waiting for?  Start posting and get those “thumbs up” to win.  Good luck!

Exciting new session

I’m very excited to share this piece of news.  But before I do, let me give you a little background history.  My long time BFF Joleen Giefer and I go way back……we went to photography school together and we have photographed several weddings and projects together.  We are a dynamic duo so to speak, we both have different styles that blend well together, and since we’ve worked together so much, our sessions and weddings just flow together nicely.

Recently Joleen has decided to venture down a different path into the cinematography world.  She went and trained with one of the top 25 wedding videographers, Josh Smith from Cinematic Bride.  The projects that she has created are amazing!

SO, that leads me into my exciting news.  I have wanted to offer this for about the last year now, and finally I am able to do so. Stigman Photography in collaboration with JAG Productions is now offering Cinematic Family Sessions.   These sessions will be a great way to create memories with your children, memories that you can cherish forever.

Here’s a sample of that collaboration.  I’m going to overshare images from this session, just because I like so many of them.

 And here is the awesome family movie.  Check it out, wouldn’t you love to do something like this with your family?

Caulfield Family from Joleen Giefer on Vimeo.

Think about something that you do as a family, maybe it’s playing sports together, or hanging out by the pool and grilling out.  Maybe it’s going to a park and having a picnic, or riding horses.  Maybe it’s just going out for ice cream.  Whatever your family time is, we want to capture that.  Joleen will be in Kentucky for a week in October, if you would like to do one of these sessions, give us a call or email and I will get you all the information you need to know.  270-925-9311 or steph@stigmanphotography.com

Mother’s Day Giveaway winner.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you fabulous moms out there.  I hope you had a great day.

Thank you to all those who nominated several moms for the portrait giveaway.  All of the moms were deserving, and I had a hard time choosing.  Without further ado……

The winner is Jessica M.  Jessica is a stay at home mom to 3 kids, and a military wife.  Congrats Jessica!  

Mother’s Day Giveaway

All you moms out there know what it’s like taking care of the kids, the house, working, running the kids to their activities, etc. We sometimes just run out of steam and forget to just do a little something for ourselves. I know I am guilty of that. I think it’s a treat just to go to the grocery store by myself!

SO, in honor of Mother’s Day coming up on Sunday, I decided to give away a very special Mother’s Day treat. A portrait session for the Mom, capturing the bond between a Mom and her children, and of course we will get some portraits of just the mom, since every mom deserves to have some fabulous pictures of herself. They will also receive a $150 credit to go towards prints or portrait products.

All you have to do to win is, send me a recent snapshot of this mom and a couple of sentences on why you think this mom deserves to win. You can nominate yourself too! Nominations will be accepted through Friday, May 7th and the winner will be announced on May 9th-Mother’s Day. Snapshots and nominations will be posted on my blog.

To recap
Mother’s Day Giveaway
$150 session for the mom with her kiddos
$150 print credit
Winner will be announced on Mother’s Day
Send your nominations to steph@stigmanphotography.com

So get the word out, post it on facebook and twitter and nominate those deserving moms!

You can catch blog posts, and announcements by following me on Facebook or Twitter.