One hot wedding!

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It’s been a busy summer, with 3 kids in ball, and coaching a Tball team, we were constantly on the go.  Not to mention all the sessions I’ve done this summer and plus a wedding.  I have lots of updating to do so I will just start off with the wedding from June.

You might remember Heather from a few facebook albums, she was the girl in the formal ridding a 4 wheeler in the mud and this family session with her and her little guy at the carnival.  I was super excited for her when she got engaged to Keith, I knew from all the sessions I had with her  previously that her wedding would be a great time as well.  

You can tell by this image, it was the hottest wedding I have ever photographed.  

HaHa! I meant literally, the temperature that day was 94 degrees or something like that, plus the high humidity I think the heat index was probably 104.  Everything was outdoors, and it was hot!  Heather and Keith were
troopers though, they did a first look before the wedding, and had their special moment seeing each other for the first time and then we went right into getting their pictures done.  Here’s a moment from when Keith saw her for the first time.

Some of the portraits……

 and some of the details…….

I gotta say the shoes were pretty hot……

Heather’s little man Gavin, walked her down the aisle, it was so sweet.

 I loved how excited they were to be married!

Heather and her dad a didn’t miss a beat with their choreographed father/daughter dance.

Now she’s showing Keith some new dance moves……..

How do you end an incredibly hot day?……….fireworks of course!

Congrats to this new little family, thanks so much for letting me be a part of your day!

If you’d like to see more images from this wedding, click here to see the slideshow or here for the facebook album.