High School Seniors

I love being able to photograph on location.  I get to photograph my clients at their favorite spots, and they are so much more relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera.  I got to photograph Bekah at a few places, we started off at my house,  where we have access to 45 acres to play on; the woods, fields, a lake…. so much to do.  Then we went to Bekah’s house, I photographed her on the swing in her backyard that she used to play on when she was a little girl.  Then off to the farm where her horses are at.  We got some great images with her horses and her sweet dog, Hunter.  I think Bekah’s inner beauty, as well as her outer beauty shined through in these images.  Thanks for all the fun!

By the way, in case anyone was wondering about location photography, and what I do about the weather if it’s bad- here’s the lo-down.  The only time I cancel a session is if it’s really cold, or raining.  Sometimes, windy days can be used to my advantage with blowing hair, usually we can find places where there is shelter from the wind.  Gloomy cloudy days are fine too.  The key to great images is lighting, if the light is not great, then I will make it great with various reflectors, and light modifiers and possibly some off camera flash.  I usually bring all that stuff with me when shooting in clients homes as well, in case you are worried about the lighting in your home.  In other words, don’t worry, I’m a professional. :0)