2012 Senior Model Program

Stigman Photography is looking for current juniors to be a part of our Senior Model Program.

The Stigman Photography Model Program is a way for 2012 high school seniors to earn discounts on their senior portraits, while helping us show off the latest styles and update our senior images.

Senior Rep Benefits:
1) A free 45 minute modeling test session taken in March.
2) Receive the senior portrait session of your choice for FREE when photographed in June 2011 (session fee only)
3) You’ll get your test shoot images on facebook, and these will add more variety to the images for your senior portrait session.
4) Rep Cards-25 custom designed cards with your name and image to get you started (lets hope you will need more) Be sure to hand these out to your friends. For every rep card redeemed from your friends, you will receive $50 off your final portrait order and your friend will receive $50 toward their session fee. Valid one card per senior, per session.
5) A Look Book featuring some of your images from your test session. Be sure to show this to all your friends.

What’s required of me?
We will need you AND your parents to sign a contract stating that you agree to have your 2012 senior portraits taken at Stigman Photography and that you will not represent another photographer or studio during your senior year.

Does is cost anything?
A good faith investment of $100 is required, but that entire $100 is given right back to you as a credit towards your senior portrait order.

Who are we looking for?
We’re interested in 2012 seniors who appreciate the Stigman Photography quality, style and look, and who can see the difference in our work. You don’t have to be a perfect model size or look like a model to get into the program. We base our decision on personality, activities, and eagerness to be in the program.

Only a limited number of reps will be accepted from each school. So if you are interested in being a part of our senior model program, then sign up TODAY!  Click here to fill out the application.  It’s super easy!