Owensboro Family Photographer

Back in September I ran a family portrait contest, where the winner would receive a portrait session plus 25 Christmas cards.  Angie Wathen was the winner, and she had the perfect idea that would fit her family not to mention all the facebook votes.  This was Angie’s idea:

“The location would be my parents farm. We could make pictures by the lake of us just having fun. Us riding on the ranger in the the woods. Would love pictures of us in the woods. There is also some old barns on the property. Mom and Dad’s porch would make wonderful pictures, and there fountain area in the front. There is so many places on there farm that would be great for making outside family pictures.”
A quick side note I have to tell you, most of the time the men do not like having to be in portraits but I do have the answer to remedy that problem ladies!  Are you ready for the answer?  Involve them in the whole process.  Take some time to talk together as a family, talk about what you enjoy doing the most together, and where.  Include the kids too, they will tell you when they have the most fun.  Once you figure out your favorite family activity and location, the rest is easy.  The guys and kids are more comfortable in front of the camera when they are in a place that is comfortable to them.  Just ask Angie’s husband, Frank.  He’d tell you  he was pretty apprehensive about having to have family portraits made, but after a couple of minutes of driving around the farm and taking pictures, he was having fun, the whole family was having fun.  
I did Angie’s family session at the end of October and I think we pretty much photographed every idea Angie had, plus some.
If you’d like to see more images you can check out the facebook album here.
Oh and her Christmas cards were pretty cool by the way, she was the envy of all her friends for having the coolest cards. ;0)

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