Owensboro Family Photographer

Here is another fun, family session I had in the fall……Heather, Gavin and the bulldogs; Booker and Lola.

 We went to Heather’s Grandpa’s farm and made use of some old barns. 

We included Gavin’s special blanket in a few images, here he’s pretending to be superman, flying with his blanket…er…I mean ….cape.

and then it was off to the carnival…..Gavin got his tickets,

 and had a blast on the slide as well as a few other rides.

to check out all of Heather and Gavin’s fun click here to see their slideshow.

Owensboro Family Photographer

Back in September I ran a family portrait contest, where the winner would receive a portrait session plus 25 Christmas cards.  Angie Wathen was the winner, and she had the perfect idea that would fit her family not to mention all the facebook votes.  This was Angie’s idea:

“The location would be my parents farm. We could make pictures by the lake of us just having fun. Us riding on the ranger in the the woods. Would love pictures of us in the woods. There is also some old barns on the property. Mom and Dad’s porch would make wonderful pictures, and there fountain area in the front. There is so many places on there farm that would be great for making outside family pictures.”
A quick side note I have to tell you, most of the time the men do not like having to be in portraits but I do have the answer to remedy that problem ladies!  Are you ready for the answer?  Involve them in the whole process.  Take some time to talk together as a family, talk about what you enjoy doing the most together, and where.  Include the kids too, they will tell you when they have the most fun.  Once you figure out your favorite family activity and location, the rest is easy.  The guys and kids are more comfortable in front of the camera when they are in a place that is comfortable to them.  Just ask Angie’s husband, Frank.  He’d tell you  he was pretty apprehensive about having to have family portraits made, but after a couple of minutes of driving around the farm and taking pictures, he was having fun, the whole family was having fun.  
I did Angie’s family session at the end of October and I think we pretty much photographed every idea Angie had, plus some.
If you’d like to see more images you can check out the facebook album here.
Oh and her Christmas cards were pretty cool by the way, she was the envy of all her friends for having the coolest cards. ;0)

I’m back…….

OK, so I got through Christmas and New Years, and the sessions I meant to blog before Christmas never got blogged.  SO…….I’m just going to start with something recent (like last weekend) and then move backwards in my posts.  
 Last weekend was the ladies’ conference at River City Church.  It was a blast; with great speakers, worship, music, terrific food, and getting to hang out with the girls.  Guess what my job was……you are correct….photos! 
  I set up a photo-booth for the ladies to get some fun pictures with their friends. 

And yes, there were some men at the conference working behind the scenes in child care, food service and music… Way to go guys!

Pastor Jessi Gibson speaking, with her baby on her hip.  It was an illustrated sermon during which she got a pedicure.  Can your pastor carry a baby, get a pedicure and preach a life changing message all at the same time?  Mine can!  :0)

  Pastor Sarah Wehrli speaking.  Pastor Sarah and her husband Caleb are the founders of Inspire International.  They have been missionaries to several countries in Asia.

Pastor Brian Gibson also spoke at the conference.  Good sermon as always.

We even had a few special guests.  If you live around Owensboro then you may have heard the hilarious Kizzy on the radio every now and then.  She did not let us down and had us laughing all the time.

The musical guest was Lacey Brown, who was on American Idol last season.  Lacey sang during the worship time and closed out the conference Friday night with a few of her new songs she has coming out.   Fabulous!  You can check out Lacey’s new website here.

Check out the decor of the conference……
Several people worked hard decorating the church, they did a tremendous  job.   Meagan Williams created all the shoes displayed.  She’s a talented artist by the way, you can check out her site here.
The worship music was excellent as usual.

 Of course you have to have chocolate at a womens’ conference,
And shopping! A silent auction was going on with proceeds going to Life Impact International. A bizarre was also set up for women to display their talents; sewing, knitting, crocheting, art, etc. I put up a display of some of the new portrait products I had gotten in recently.  Many thanks to my good friend Sarah Wellmeier for helping me put up my display. 
I have to give a shout out to Robin Jones for assisting me with the photo-booth and to Carrie Colbert for taking some great candid shots during the party.  Thanks ladies!  It took many people to make the conference a success, and I think they all did a wonderful job.  I’m looking forward to next year’s conference!
Click here to see a slideshow of more photos from the conference.