50 years!

I slacked off on the blogging.  I’ve been busy with school work with the kids, and quite honestly figuring out if I should continue blogging.  It seems I have more communication through facebook than with my blog.  I still have not made my decision……. so for now the blog will continue. I have made some changes as far as when images get blogged and tagged on facebook.  Tagging and blogging of images will occur after clients have placed their orders.  So if you haven’t seen your images tagged on facebook yet, get your orders in. :0)

Anyways….on with today’s post.  I can’t believe I took this long to blog this.  My apologies to the in-laws.  In May, we traveled to MN to celebrate my Mother & Father in-law’s 50th wedding anniversary.  Quite the accomplishment, 50 years of marriage.  They had a wonderful party with family and friends celebrating their marriage.  Al and Bev gave me about 2 minutes to take some portraits of them.  Really! 2 minutes is all I got, but I still got the shots I was after.   They have a picture of them on their wedding day, on the front steps of this church, so we had to re-create that…50 years later.

Here’s a few more of my favorite…….

awwww 50 years and still in love!

The youngest grandchildren put on a little skit of Bev and Al’s years together.  The skit was written by Bev’s cousin, Fuzz, who always has everybody laughing.  It highlighted Bev’s love for shopping and Al’s love for hunting, fishing, wild rice harvesting, wine making, and of course, baseball.  Al is quite the baseball legend.  I think he played the “old timers” league up until just a few years ago.  He still plays ball with all his grand-kids.  My son Sawyer, enjoys getting pitching advice from Grandpa when ever he can.

Bev and Al have 4 children of which my husband Sam, is the baby by 8 years.  He was their “bonus” as they call it.  They are also the proud grandparents of 14 almost 15 grandchildren.  #15 will be born sometime in February. 

 Here’s a few shots with some of their closest friends.

 and of course I had to get some details…..beautiful flowers.

I think it’s awesome to be able to celebrate 50 years of marriage.  Sam and I have 13 down, only 37 years to go until we hit that milestone.  I say we celebrate our 50th somewhere warm and tropical; Hawaii sounds good to me!