Wedding Featured!

I am thrilled that Matt & Emily’s wedding is featured on the OneWed blog.  I loved everything about that wedding, especially the pink ’69 Chevy.  You can check out the full post by clicking here.

We have a winner!

After my week long family portrait contest, we have a winner.  Congratulations to Angie Wathen who won a family portrait session along with 25 press printed Christmas cards.  Here was Angie’s idea for her session:

“The location would be my parents farm. We could make picture by the lake of us just having fun. Us riding on the ranger in the the woods. Would love pictures of us in the woods. There is also some old barns on the property. Mom and Dad’s porch would make wonderful pictures, and there fountain area in the front. There is so many places on there farm that would be great for making outside family pictures.”
I’m looking forward to your session Angie.  Thank you to everyone who participated and who voted for their favorite session idea. Everyone who posted had great ideas, I would love to see you put those into action.  Watch for Angie’s session on the blog in the next 2 months!

Maternity session 70’s style

Remember when I posted about the VW bus and how I had the perfect couple for the session idea I had in my head?  Well here they are…. Andrew, Rachel and baby bump.  Turns out Andrew’s first vehicle was a  VW bus…..close to the same year as this one, but in orange.  YES! I knew I had the right couple!

I also had to incorporate my sunflowers as well.

Thanks Drew & Rachel, you rocked it out as usual!  Thanks Steve for letting me use that beautiful bus!

In other news, 2 days left to enter the family portrait session giveaway.  You still have time to post an entry and get your friends to vote for you.  See the previous posts for contest details.  So far there are 9 entries and they have come up with great ideas that fit their families.  I’m so glad it’s not up to me to pick one, I’d have a very difficult time choosing the winner.  If you don’t want to enter, that’s cool, but go read through  some of the ideas and help them out and “like” your favorite.  The entry with the most “likes” wins!  Click here to read through the posts.

bad kitten

I walked into the bathroom yesterday and caught this kitten in this act of mischief.  I turned around and went and got my camera.  I had to take a picture, because really how can I be mad at him when he’s so darn cute.  This little stinker had unrolled the entire roll of toilet paper after I had just put it in the bathroom.

 If you’re looking for a kitten, I have 3 for you…..yes once again. No wait, 4. The momma cat needs a home too. Another momma cat showed up on our doorstep pregnant.  I think it has something to do with my daughter the cat whisperer.  The cats seem to flock to her, she can tame the wildest of cats.  They must know she wants to be a vet when she grows up.  The kittens will be ready to go home with you in 2 weeks.

Family Portrait Session Giveaway!

Alright, fall is here…..I think……..well soon anyway.  Fall is the perfect time to have your family portraits made.  SO…..I figured I would have a fun contest and give away a family portrait session and 25 press printed Christmas Cards with images from your session.  Let me warn you, you will be the envy of all your friends when they receive those cards in the mail come December.  I can make some pretty rad cards…….jus’ saying. :0P 

Here’s some info about me; I shoot only on location, I do a little bit of posing and direction but I also capture families interacting with each other and having fun. I want to see my clients have family portraits that show the bond you have with one another, at a location that means something to you, doing an activity that you enjoy as a family.  That may be as simple as playing baseball together, or going out for ice cream. It could also be about your family’s style… you like vintage cars or clothes,  are you into fashion, are you a little bit country? Whatever it is, I want it to be about your family.

This is how to enter the contest……’s just 3 things and it’s really simple.
1. Be a “fan” or “like” Stigman Photography on Facebook (click here)

2. You must post your most creative idea for your family portrait session on the Stigman Photography Facebook page.  Now this idea has to be something you are willing to do, because if you win that’s exactly what we are going to do for your session.  So if you don’t like getting muddy on a 4 wheeler, don’t post that idea for your session.  If you want to go to a tropical island somewhere for your session, I’m cool with that, you just have to pay for the trip and mine. :0)  I’m willing to travel up to 60 miles outside the Owensboro area for this session so keep that in mind when thinking about what you want to do.

3. Get everyone you know to “like” your session idea……that’s how you’re gonna win.  The family with the most “likes” under their post is the winner.  The best way to do that is post it on your FB status . You can post something like “please help us win a family portrait session by “liking” our session idea, just click here and give us the thumbs up on our post”.  Contest ends Friday, September 10th at 8am.  I will count all the “likes” at 8am and announce the winner that day.

The fine print……you are winning a family portrait session and 25 press printed cards, a value of $270. Not redeemable for cash.   This session will need to take place by the end of October 2010.  You can enter to win if you live out of state, but you would need to travel to the Owensboro, KY area, or you can always fly me to where you live :0)

Here’s a few images just to get those creative minds thinking outside of the traditional photography box.

What are you waiting for?  Start posting and get those “thumbs up” to win.  Good luck!