Katie’s senior session

Before I tell you about Katie’s senior session I have to give you a quick background story.  So……..there I was in the Arby’s parking lot, helping out with a car wash for the Masonville playground.  My kids play ball there and we were doing a fundraiser for the playground.  In pulls this awesome guacamole green, 70’s VW bus for a car wash.  Immediately I imagined a vintage photo shoot with this bus, I even knew the perfect couple that could pull it off.  So I introduced myself to the owner, told him I was a photographer and asked if there was anyway I could ever use his bus as a prop.  He said yes, and gave me his contact info by way of the “Green Gazette” (a neat publication by the way, be sure to pick up a copy.)  
After a few emails back and forth about use of the bus, I found out he had a daughter in need of senior pictures.  I always enjoy meeting new people, and had Katie’s dad not brought the bus through the car wash, I might not of gotten the opportunity to meet this super cool family.  
Moral of the story…….drive a really cool vintage vehicle and you will never lack the opportunity to meet new people.  Seriously…..I think Steve probably meets someone new everyday……he says people come up to him all the time to talk about his bus.  Oh and moral #2 always stop at a fundraiser carwash, you just might meet a super cool photographer. :0P

On to Katie’s session………she and her parents got up super early for this session. We started at 7am to beat the heat and the light was great.  Katie loves vintage clothes, so of course we had to use her dad’s bus with this dress. 

My sunflower crop was in full bloom and a perfect background.  Katie you are beautiful!

Katie’s favorite author is C.S. Lewis and favorite book is “The Chronicles of Narnia” it just so happened I have a lion statue in my front yard…….let’s use it.

I got a little “artsy” with this image.  I used some textures as an overlay and I really like how it looks.  This image says “freedom” to me.  The freedom to really enjoy life.

Katie is a very talented young lady, she sings and plays guitar and is quite the actress I hear.  I got to listen to her play a little bit during her session and I was impressed.  She is also very involved with the Theatre Workshop of Owensboro and will be in one of the productions that is coming up in November. 
I love this image with Katie and her guitar.

 Katie you have a very bright future ahead of you.  I’m so glad I got to be your photographer.

If you’d like to see more images from Katie’s session click here for the slideshow.

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