Emily’s senior session

When I was in Minnesota a few weeks ago, my little cousin asked me if I would take her senior pictures.  Of course I would!  I really can’t call her “little” anymore because she is all grown up now.  I remember when I was a teenager and going to see my aunt and this new baby Emily in the hospital.  Time sure flies!  Here’s a few of my favorite images from her session.

 Joleen from JAG Productions and I colloborated on this session too.  Check out this fantastic video.  

Emily Steinle Senior Video from Joleen Giefer on Vimeo.

This is the Cinematic Senior Session.  If you want a senior session like this, Joleen will be here in October, and we can rock out your session then.  Call or email for more information about these cinematic sessions!

270-925-9311 or steph@stigmanphotography.com

Exciting new session

I’m very excited to share this piece of news.  But before I do, let me give you a little background history.  My long time BFF Joleen Giefer and I go way back……we went to photography school together and we have photographed several weddings and projects together.  We are a dynamic duo so to speak, we both have different styles that blend well together, and since we’ve worked together so much, our sessions and weddings just flow together nicely.

Recently Joleen has decided to venture down a different path into the cinematography world.  She went and trained with one of the top 25 wedding videographers, Josh Smith from Cinematic Bride.  The projects that she has created are amazing!

SO, that leads me into my exciting news.  I have wanted to offer this for about the last year now, and finally I am able to do so. Stigman Photography in collaboration with JAG Productions is now offering Cinematic Family Sessions.   These sessions will be a great way to create memories with your children, memories that you can cherish forever.

Here’s a sample of that collaboration.  I’m going to overshare images from this session, just because I like so many of them.

 And here is the awesome family movie.  Check it out, wouldn’t you love to do something like this with your family?

Caulfield Family from Joleen Giefer on Vimeo.

Think about something that you do as a family, maybe it’s playing sports together, or hanging out by the pool and grilling out.  Maybe it’s going to a park and having a picnic, or riding horses.  Maybe it’s just going out for ice cream.  Whatever your family time is, we want to capture that.  Joleen will be in Kentucky for a week in October, if you would like to do one of these sessions, give us a call or email and I will get you all the information you need to know.  270-925-9311 or steph@stigmanphotography.com

just for fun

I am really behind on blogging again.  I’ve had a lot going on with proms, sports teams, my kids playing ball and a trip to Minnesota  in the last month.  Here’s a shoot I haven’t blogged about.  Back in April I got together with some of my photographer friends from the Evansville area and we did a fun photo shoot in our flooded woods.  Here’s some shots from that session.  The lovely Pamela Terry styled all the girls’ hair and modeled for us. 

Gotta love a girl who can put on a formal dress and then go muddin’ on a 4 wheeler.  Thanks Heather!

Here’s the photographers having a little fun.
Sarah is not afraid to get muddy, here she is shooting with her boots on.

Thanks to all the models for getting all muddy.  We had a great time and got a lot of fun shots.